Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Girl Cakes

Birthday Cakes for the Girls

Zebra Cakes

Here are several of the zebra print cakes

Cakes for the Guys

The Grill Cake....everybodys favorite
The Kayak Cake
The 1965 Mustang
Camo Cake

Kate's 3rd Birthday Cake

Valentine's Cake

I love this cake....made this one for Addie to take to school for her 1st Valentine's Party....

Adult Cakes

Grooms Cakes....Sports

By far the most popular for Grooms Cake's these days are sports related.....Alabama & Auburn

Cool Boys Cakes!!!

Here are a few cakes for little is a "Cars" Cake for my nephew Kingsley...complete with tires, checked flags, orange cones!!! And a Power Ranger Cake for Brennen...with stars, lighting bolts, a the coolest red power ranger on top!!!
Another is a train cake for my other nephew, Kolt, all of the trains are edible...and a "Ben 10" cake....