Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Petal Girls

Wow!!! We had a very busy weekend.....Chelsea's wedding. It was a family affair. Addie & Kate were flower girls, I was Matron of Honor (that sounds official) , and Adam sang "I loved her first" as she walked down the aisle.....The tears flowed. Addie was a hoot....during picture time she burst through the doors and yelled, yes I said yelled "It's time to be a flower girl"!! Kate ended up falling asleep right before the wedding and didn't quite make it down the aisle......oh but Addie did. And yelled at me all the way down the aisle, to watch how great she was throwing the flower petals. Addie stole the show!!!!!!!!! Good Time & Good Food.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Monkey

The little monkey has started gymnastics at Alabama Elite!! She loves it....she can run, flip, jump and scream.......and she doesn't get in trouble!! She's in heaven. I must say it is much harder sitting on this side of the window. It is sooo hard not to open that door and get on to her when shes not listening or just totally skipping the beam skill because she wants to get to the bar- BUT I know I hated that when I taught. So I sit back.....smiling and just shaking my head. After the first two classes she totally had a melt down about class being over....she refused to take her sticker or stamp and when the teacher said ok class is over......she simply said "No Thanks". So we started icecream night after class- which is a huge hit. She loves getting her chocolate with sprinkles and I love that is $1 a scope Tuesday nights!!! But it makes me so proud to see her loving something that I loved so much when I was her age......wow lots of memories!! And of course she is styling with her giraffe print leotard and teal hot pants! JOY